Skin peel *NEW*

Dermalogica skin peel available at Body Talk.

Want the best skin you’ve ever had? Our new skin peel treatment will transform your skin leaving your skin radiant, smooth and completely glowing.

Targets fine lines and wrinkles , dehydration, and uneven pigmented skin.

Skin peel flash facial £40

Looking for a high impact treatment? This intensive and effective 30 minute treatment leaves your skin smooth and glowing in a short amount of time.

Includes double cleanse, skin peel, tone and moisturise.

Skin peel full facial £60

A truly transformative treatment- this combines the benefits of our 30 minute peel treatment but with added luxury. Peel results are also enhanced with a deep treatment serum and relaxing massage.

Includes face steam, double cleanse, skin peel, treatment serum, face mask, tone and moisturise.

post-peel skin care:

You can minimize your skin’s downtime after a peel by practicing these expert tips:

Wash your face with cool water. Warm or hot water might not feel as good as cool or cold water, which can help soothe post-peel sensations.

Moisturize and hydrate. Since peels can temporarily compromise your skin’s protective barrier, it’s important to reinforce that barrier with a medium-to-thick moisturizer. Also, drink more water to help avoid dehydration, which could make your skin feel tight.

Apply sunscreen with SPF30 or more. Your skin is more delicate after a peel, so avoid direct sun exposure, which can lead to even more visible signs of skin aging. If you must be exposed, use a Broad Spectrum physical sunscreen.

Avoid strenuous workouts, dry saunas and steam rooms. Increased blood circulation to the face can intensify warming, tingling, itching, redness or other uncomfortable side effects on freshly peeled skin. Skip such activities on the day you use a peel.

Don’t over-exfoliate. Peels are maximum-strength exfoliants, so you don’t need to use a separate exfoliant (like a scrub, brush or exfoliating cleanser) within 3-4 days of your peel. Over-exfoliating can lead to more redness or sensitivity, so wait until your skin feels up to it.

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