Fake Bake Gold

Exclusive only to Participating Salons

Described as “The Rolls Royce in self tanning” LK Today .

Fake Bake GOLD means more than just a beautiful tan. It contains two of the most powerful anti-oxidants – pomegranate and stable green tea – as well as Vitamins A & E. Together they counter the highly reactive free radicals in the environment which are known to weaken the protective immune system and result in thinning skin, a loss of elasticity, age spots and ultimately, wrinkles.

This formula contains the best quality and highest percentages of tanning agents. These ingredients combined with a blend of powerful anti-oxidants takes self tanning to another level. As well as achieving a golden self tan, your

skin will have the added benefit of anti-oxidant protection. Fake Bake GOLD contains a colour guide that will provide instant colour whilst the tan is developing. Development time 4-6 hours.